Discover Calm in Every Breath: Your Journey to Stress Relief

Conquer Stress through Breath Mastery!

Are you ready to break free from the chains of stress and anxiety, reclaim your inner peace, and discover the transformative power of your breath?

Embark on a 5 week journey toward profound relaxation and emotional balance through the art of breathwork.

Stress, in its essence, is a natural and adaptive response that helps us cope with challenges and threats in our environment. It serves as a mechanism that prepares our body to react to various demands or pressures, often referred to as the "fight or flight" response.

Our individual interpretation and reaction to stress play a crucial role in determining its impact on our well-being. How we perceive and manage stress can significantly influence its effects on our mental, emotional, and physical health. For instance, viewing stress as a motivator or a catalyst for growth can inspire resilience and enhance our ability to overcome obstacles. On the other hand, perceiving stress as overwhelming or debilitating may lead to negative consequences, such as anxiety, burnout, or various health complications.

Developing a healthy relationship with stress involves cultivating self-awareness, practicing effective coping mechanisms, and fostering a supportive environment that encourages adaptive responses to challenging situations. By acknowledging the role of perception and response, we can strive to manage stress in ways that promote personal growth, resilience, and overall well-being.

In this course, my goal is to empower participants to heal themselves with simple, safe, and free tools and techniques. After using these same tools and techniques to help myself recover from depression, I discovered my personal mission: to positively impact the lives of others by enabling them to live their life to its fullest potential.

When we change our relation to our breath, we change our relation with ourselves. I believe that if we change our relation to ourselves, it allows us to step up in the world, have better relations with others, and with Mother Earth.

WHAT you will experience:

Powerful HEALING modalities


AMAZING TOOLS & HACKS to improve your life

EXPERIENCE  FIVE breathing techniques to SUPPORT you throughout the day

Deep UNDERSTANDING of what is Stress so you can change your relationship to it

RECONNECTION to yourself

CONFIDENCE that you can make tangible changes in your life

Greater APPRECIATION of what Stress is trying to communicate with you

JOINING A TRIBE of like-minded, caring humans to support your life journey


The Stress Mastery Breathwork Training

5 sessions

Includes a new practical breathing techniques every week for 5 weeks and engaging insights on stress. Once-weekly emails contain step-by-step videos, fun challenges, & bonus content.

Private Community Access

Developing awareness and a personal practice is fundamental but doing it with the support of a caring community of like-minded humans in our private Facebook group is truly wonderful. New friends to enjoy the journey with are waiting for you!

Live Sessions with Alex

Regular sessions to experience the breath with Alex, ask questions, welcome amazing guests facilitators, experience different breathing techniques and discover new integration tools.

This Online Course is for you if:

  • You're experiencing occasional stress or simply aim for a more balanced life.
  • Your would like to use breathwork to manage stress and prevent burnout.
  • You're feeling overwhelmed and seeking effective solutions.
  • You're looking to reduce chronic stress and physical discomfort.
  • You're ready to find focus, and make clear decisions.
  • You desire improved sleep and digestion & to regulate your nervous system.
  • You are looking for tools to find balance and reduce the impact of daily stressors.
  • You have a high-pressure job or demanding schedules.
What Our Students Say:

Mini course for stress was really awesome. I’ve shared the technique with my daughter before bed when she is too hyperactive which really helped her calm down. I think these breathing techniques are such helpful tools we can use in our daily life. Thank you Alex!!



I highly value this course for its practicality and well-organized structure, encompassing crucial aspects of each breathing technique. It's user-friendly, making it easy to comprehend, follow, and put into practice.
Incredibly beneficial overall; implementing these techniques personally has significantly enhanced my understanding and application. This accessible day-to-day tool for self-care and wellness is of utmost importance. Highly recommended—it's truly remarkable.


Enroll today and embark on a transformative journey toward a more balanced, centered, and stress-resilient you.

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I believe everyone who needs this work, should have access to it.
If you are keen to join but you are not in a financial position to pay for this course, reach out and we will figure something out.
Full scholarship for the Facilitator Training available for social workers supporting refugees, children or prisoners.
What’s Covered in the Essential Online Breathwork Training?:

Delve into the multifaceted nature of stress. Navigate the complexities of stress by understanding what happens physiologically when you experience stress. Learn the difference between acute and chronic stress and how to change your relationship to it.
Learn about box breathing, also known as square breathing. How this simple yet effective breathing technique can help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm and relaxation.
Frequently Asked Questions

A lifetime! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course.
What Our Students Say:

I feel incredibly lucky to have participated in Alex's breathwork workshop twice before. While I gained so much insight from each session, I always struggled to retain all the information and concepts in a structured way. That's why I was excited to enroll in Alex's online course on breathwork, and it was the perfect answer to my little issue.

The online course allowed me to take my time and fully absorb the material, which made it easier to understand what I can explore and achieve through breathwork. I love how I can revisit specific topics whenever I need to, which has helped me elaborate further on my own path and my own workshops as a facilitator.


Alex has put together a beautiful collection of knowledge and energy sharing, and I am so grateful for all that I have learned. Since starting the course two months ago, I keep coming back to it whenever I need to ground myself and get back to some key and elementary topics. I know that this course will continue to infuse my practice as I keep rediscovering hidden aspects that I didn't fully grasp the first time around.

I'm really looking forward to taking Alex's course on ice plunging and authentic relating. Overall, I can't recommend this online course on breathwork enough. If you're questioning whether or not to take it, just do it! You never know what you might discover, and it could be the perfect way to deepen your understanding of breathwork and achieve your goals.

Alex's style is very unique. he is sharing from a very heartfull position. Although he has clearly done the work on the scientific aspect of things (even if there is always so much to understand there), he opens up the topics to other levels in a beautifull and open way. If find that it helps making the course usefull in my everyday life.


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The investment is 28 US$ (instead of 125 US$)

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What Are You Breathing For?

Practicing Breathwork can result in the most profound transformational and healing experiences.

You are in control and You can change your life.

It all begins with one breath.

About Your Facilitator My intention with this course is :

My intention with this short course is to assist YOU in your everyday struggle with STRESS. Changing your relation to your breath can be life changing.

Breathwork is an incredible tool to bypass the mind and access the true self that resides within our physical body. With a focus on enhancing your healing journey, I've dedicated my professional career to breathwork, conducting workshops, and facilitating transformative experiences. Having welcomed over 6,000 participants and mentored nearly 400 facilitators worldwide, I understand the profound impact this practice can have.

Through this program, I share practical tools and techniques that will enable you to live your life fully. My goal is that this course helps you liberate yourself from chronic STRESS and unlock the life you are meant to live.

Guiding you through heart-centered practices such as breathwork, ice baths, and authentic relating is my passion. In this short course, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, reconnect with your inner self, and embrace your truth, voice, and breath.

Alex Tsuk

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